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Fillers services offered in Trumbull, Westport and Derby, CT

Dermal fillers are a popular medical aesthetic treatment to help you achieve more youthful, rounded facial contouring. For many residents of Trumbull, Westport, and Derby, Connecticut,  Adult & Pediatric Dermatology Specialists is the provider of choice for dermal fillers. To see what all the buzz is about, call the office to schedule your visit or book online in a matter of moments.  

Fillers Q & A

What causes visible aging?

Lost facial volume is the single largest cause of visible aging. This occurs as you lose much of the collagen that plumps your skin during youth. That thick layer of collagen is what gives your face the rounded contouring, often called a “baby face.”

As time goes by, you lose more and more of that collagen. This leaves your skin looser and able to easily sag and pool into lines, folds, and wrinkles. Your body won’t produce much new collagen on its own, which is where dermal fillers come into play.  

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are injectable treatments that replace or enhance lost facial volume. There are many different types of fillers to choose from, each formulated to work in specific areas of your face. 

Thicker fillers help plump and smooth larger areas like the cheeks and deep folds like nasolabial folds, the lines that run from the sides of your nose to the corners of your mouth. Thinner fillers help erase crow’s feet and other smaller lines. 

Many fillers are formulated from a synthetic form of hyaluronic acid, a substance your skin produces naturally. When injected into the deeper layers of skin, the gel-like filler material spreads out slightly to add volume to the area. 

Your body slowly absorbs the filler material over time, so the primary results are temporary. That said, dermal fillers also prompt your body to create new collagen and elastin, which deliver lasting results. 

What role do dermal fillers play in a liquid facelift?

A “liquid facelift” is a term used to describe a combination of dermal fillers and a neurotoxin-based medication like Botox® or Dysport®. The fillers help tighten skin and refine facial contouring, while the Botox relaxes the muscles that pull the skin into horizontal forehead lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet. 

Using aesthetic injectables to create a liquid facelift requires a thorough understanding of the bones, muscles, and other tissues that create facial features. The best liquid facelifts require an artistic eye that considers your features and treatment goals. 

If you’d like to explore how dermal fillers and other treatments can help you move closer to your aesthetic ideals, call Adult & Pediatric Dermatology Specialists to schedule a consultation. Online booking is also an option and takes just moments to complete.